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Truancy Definitions 

  1. Unruly Child
    1. An unruly child based on Truancy is a child who is a habitual truant. A Habitual Truant is defined as a child who has been absent from school without a legitimate excuse for:
      1. 30 or more CONSECUTIVE hours (instructional hours),
      2. 42 or more hours in one school MONTH (instructional hours) or
      3. 72 or more hours in a school YEAR (instructional hours
  2. Contributing to the Unruliness of a Minor
    1. A parent is guilty when they are the cause of their child’s unexcused absences from school. A parent can be the cause of their child’s unexcused absences when they act to keep their child home from school without legitimate excuse or affirmatively fail to act to ensure their child gets to school every day on time. Additionally, a charge of contributing may be filed if the parent fails to meaningfully participate in an absence intervention plan or causes the child to meaningfully participate in said plan.
    2. A complaint against a parent MUST state how the parent has caused their child to be delinquent/unruly based on truancy.

   How to File a Complaint against a Parent for Contributing  

  1. Investigate case – use the truancy checklist to help guide your investigation for the case
  2. Fill out proper complaint with all required information
  3. Complaint Approval – submit the complaint along with the truancy checklist and all case documentation to the Juvenile Prosecutor for approval. Please note that contributing cases that are filed without approval will be dismissed immediately.
  4. File complaint at the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office after it is approved.
  5. Follow up with your cases
  6. Testify if necessary at trial

 How to Get Approval for Contributing Cases 

  1. Bring case to Truancy Case Review – Thursdays at 1:30pm in Juvenile Court Probation Department
  2. Email all case information to prosecutor –
  3. Bring case to Prosecutor’s Office for approval

 How to file a Complaint against a Juvenile for Truancy

A truancy complaint can be filed at any time at the Juvenile Court Clerk’s office. However, there is a truancy review meeting every Thursday at 1:30pm and there is a procedure that is used to review truancy cases prior to filing. This ensures the best outcome for the juveniles. 

  1. Email the Juvenile Court Clerk, Kathy Lopez () by Wednesday at noon on the week that you want to file the complaint, including the juvenile’s name and date of birth in the email. She will check if the juvenile has any prior cases and if s/he is currently on probation.
  2. Fill out complaint fully and the truancy checklist and include all required information.
  3. Attend the Truancy Review meeting at 1:30pm at Juvenile Court in the probation department. There cases are reviewed to determine if the case should be made official or go through diversion.
  4. File complaints with the Clerk’s office after the meeting.
  5. Follow up with your cases and attend court when necessary.

 Truancy Checklist

Adult Truancy Packet Checklist (PDF)

Juvenile Truancy Packet Checklist (PDF)

Truancy Complaints

 Adult Complaint

Juvenile Complaints