Local recycling options

Curbside Options

The following is a list of area residential waste haulers that may give you recycling bins to use in conjunction with your regular trash pickup. Call for recycling availability:

Waste Management: 800-343-6047
H.W. Mann: 937-324-1324
Rumpke: 800-223-3960
Vince: 937-323-3640
CJ's Refuse Hauling, LLC: 937-244-8779

Other Recycling Outlets

If you’re willing to go the extra mile to recycle your waste, here are some outlets you may find useful.

*Please call ahead to confirm acceptance of these items.*

Batteries (Lead Acid)

Advance Auto937-525-9772 (N. Limestone) or 324-5009 (S. Limestone)
Auto Zone937-324-2112
Wal-Mart937-399-0704 (Bechtle) or 937-652-2827 (Tuttle Rd.)

Batteries (Household)

Batteries Plus937-398-0044

Cell Phones

Jackson Lytle & Lewis937-399-2822
Best Buy937-324-8377

Concrete and Blacktop

OMAC Hauling Recycling Center937-324-7567
City Wide937-323-3506

Clothes Hangers and Dry Cleaning Bags

Capitol Dry Cleaning937-324-7567
Dolbeer’s Dry Cleaners937-323-0123


New Image Eye Center937-399-4101
United Senior Services937-323-4948
Jackson Lytle & Lewis937-399-2811
Shawnee Optical937-323-1233
Wal-Mart937-399-0704 (Bechtle) or 937-652-2827 (Tuttle Rd.)


Goodwill Stores

Goodwill, through a partnership with Dell, accepts most computer-related equipment free of charge. Both Clark County stores are involved in this program. Items accepted include desktop and laptop computers, monitors, printers, hard drives, scanners, keyboards, mice, cords, speakers, and ink and toner cartridges. For more information on the Goodwill program, check out:


Goodwill, 1961 N. Bechtle Ave.937-399-9013
Goodwill, 291 E. Leffel Lane937-324-8638

Best Buy Recycles

Best Buy stores will accept for recycling most consumer electronics without charging a fee. A $25 fee is charged for tube TVs smaller than 32” and flat-screen TVs smaller than 50", Larger TVs and flat screens are not accepted. Items accepted for free include battery backups, cables and connectors, power inverters, portable media players, projectors, DirecTV set-top box/converters, DVD/Blu-ray players, VCRs, remotes, surge protectors, TiVO, and others. In addition, all Best Buy stores offer recycling kiosks in the entryway where consumers may drop-off cell phones, rechargeable batteries, ink-jet cartridges, gift cards, CDs, DVDs, and smart phones free of charge. For more information on Best Buy’s recycling program, go to www.bestbuy.com and, under the "Services" menu, click on "Recycling Your Old Products."

Best Buy937-324-8377

Motor Oil

Advance Auto937-525-9772 (N. Limestone) or 937-324-5009 (S. Limestone)
Auto Zone937-324-2112
Compton Power Equipment937-390-3998
Grismer Tire937-322-1074
TSC Farm House Auto Store937-399-8664

Oil Filters:

Carefully punch a hole in the filter and allow it to drain in a pan for 24 hours. Recycle the oil (see above locations) and take the used filter to Staker Alloy (at the corner of Lagonda and James St.).

Other Metals

Staker Alloys, Inc.937-325-9289
Springfield Recycling937-322-4118
PSC Metals, Inc.937-328-3330

Packing Peanuts and Bubble Wrap (also plastic packaging "pillows")

Box King937-322-8117
The UPS Store937-399-6877

Plastic Grocery Bags (Avoid them by shopping with a reusable bag!)

Kroger (All Spfld. Locations)937-323-0340 (Bechtle) or 937-390-1481 (Derr)
Wal-Mart937-399-2312 (Bechtle Ave.) or 937-652-2834 (Tuttle Rd.)

Power Equipment (Lawn mowers, Chainsaws, Weed-eaters, etc.)

Compton Power Equipment937-390-3998

Printer Cartridges

Best Buy937-324-8377
Recycling Center937-521-2020

Propane Cylinders (10 lbs. or larger, grill-type tanks)

Suburban Propane937-864-7327

Scrap Metal (applicances, cans, etc.) GET PAID!

City Wide937-322-5870
Springfield Recycling937-322-4118
PSC Metals937-328-3330


OMAC Hauling Recycling Center937-324-7567

String Lights (Christmas lights)...........Recycling Center

Tapes (VHS and cassette).....................Recycling Center

Trees and Yard Waste......see Compost page.

Tubs and Toilets

L & L Salvage937-324-0122
OMAC Hauling
Recycling Center

Wood and Wooden Pallets

Buckeye Diamond(800) 782-7517
OMAC Hauling
Recycling Center

Washing Machines & Dryers

OMAC Hauling
Recycling Center

Water Heaters

OMAC Hauling
Recycling Center