Future Projects

CLA CR 351-7.92 Selma Pike/Possum Road Roundabout PID 109451

The project will construct a roundabout at the intersection of CR351 (Selma Pike) and TR234 (E. Possum Road) in Springfield Township. Clark Shawnee Schools has received funding to construct a new elementary school on the southeast corner of Selma Pike at East Possum Road across from the existing Shawnee High School. The traffic impact study for the project is projecting a severe deficiency at the existing intersection. Multi-way stop warrants and traffic signal warrants were not met, and a roundabout is proposed as the most effective solution. The project will also address pedestrian needs between the two school sites.

To review the feasibility study for the project, please visit the Clark County-Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee’s website at:  http://www.clarktcc.com/reportslibrary_studies_projects.htm.

Instructional Video:  How to use a single-lane roundabout

FHWA Video:  Principles of Intersection Safety

Additional Documents:

Cover Letter

Response to Public Comments

Roundabout Info Sheet

Selma Possum Brochure

Selma Possum Open House Presentation with Notes

CLA CR 315-1.28 Enon-Xenia Road Improvements PID 109441

The project will install left turn lanes as needed in support of the new Greenon School, replace the deteriorating storm sewer system from Mud Run to Green Vista Drive, construct a shared use path from Hunter Road to Green Vista Drive, rehabilitate the bridge over Mud Run, and resurface the roadway from the bridge to Dayton-Springfield Road. Enon-Xenia Road is due for rehabilitation at the same time that Greenon Local Schools is planning to construct a new K-12 school at the existing Indian Valley school site. Residents have requested a sidewalk or path along Enon-Xenia for student safety, and turn lanes will accommodate the increased school traffic. Flooding and drainage problems are occurring at the intersection of Enon-Xenia Road and Green Vista Drive. The new storm sewer will provide the ability to address these issues, improve inlets at the intersections, and provide a better drainage outlet for the new school site as needed.

CLA CR 315 1.25 Enon-Xenia Road Preliminary Right-of-Way Plans