Tier 2 Reporting

We would like to encourage all industries that are requested to file a Tier 2 report to do so using the links below. By utilizing the electronic format this streamlines both the reporting process and filing process.

Software Download for electronic reporting (PDF)

State Emergency Response Commission

SERC Manual


Spill Report: An owner or operator is required to report a release or discharge under 3750.06 of the Ohio Revised Code anytime there is a release or spill of a regulated chemical which exceeds its assigned Reportable Quantity (RQ) and leaves the facility property line. The regulated substances subject to the release reporting requirements are referenced below.


Extremely Hazardous Substances 40 CFR; Part 355; Appendix A and B,

CERCLA Hazardous Substances 40 CFR Part 302; Table 302.4, and

Oil (definition includes without limitation to, gasoline, petroleum, fuel oil, sludge, oil refuse, and oil mixed with wastes other than dredged spoil).

The Reportable Quantity (RQ) for the discharge of oil including crude oil into or upon navigable waters is an amount which causes a visible film or sheen upon the surface of the water.

The RQ for the release of oil into the environment, excluding navigable waters, is an amount of 25 gallons or more.

The RQ for the release of crude oil from an oil and gas extraction storage facility into the environment, excluding navigable waters, is 210 gallons.


The verbal notification to the fire department, LEPC and Ohio EPA shall be made within 30 minutes of knowledge of the spill/release, unless notification within that timeframe is impractical due to uncertain circumstances.

Clark County LEPC 24-hour number: 937-328-2560

Ohio EPA 24 hour spill/release reporting number: (800) 282-9378

In addition, calls to the National Response Center (NRC) shall be made for those reportable quantity releases involving hazardous substances or oil to navigable waters as soon as possible. The local fire department should also be notified.

National Response Center (NRC) 24-hour number: (800) 424-8802