Customer Notices

Customer Notices

Clark County Utilities Department performs systematic sewer cleaning maintenance on sanitary sewers throughout the area using a high-pressure sewer cleaning machine.

Periodically, the pressure from sewer cleaning operations can cause water to blow back through home fixtures, such as toilets and floor drains. Obstructions or partial obstructions in a home’s vent stack will increase the likelihood of blow-back water occurring.

Neighborhood residents where the cleaning is scheduled to occur will receive a Customer Notice (PDF) letting them know of the scheduled cleaning.

No Wipes in the Pipes Flyer (PDF)

Backflow Prevention Brochure (PDF)

How to Keep Blow-Back Water Contained

To keep blow-back water contained and reduce possible damage to your home:

  • Keep toilets flushed, drape a towel over the toilet rim, and close the lid and seat onto the towel
  • Cover basement floor drains

Please contact our office at 937-521-2150 to report any blow-back occurrence.