Physicians' Obligation to Certify Deaths Not Falling Under the Coroner's Jurisdiction

Physicians’ Obligation to Certify Deaths Not Falling Under the Coroner’s Jurisdiction

The Clark County Coroner’s Office carefully evaluates every report of a death in order to assure that deaths which fall under the coroner’s jurisdiction are identified. It is important that we not overlook any death which warrants a coroner’s investigation.

On the other hand, it is also important that we do not inappropriately take jurisdiction in a death that is clearly natural in manner, does not involve unusual or suspicious circumstances, and would not reasonably be considered to have been the unexpected death of an individual in good health. Such a death should be certified by the decedent’s attending physician.

To view the Ohio State Medical Board Policy on Death Certification view the online policy (PDF)

At times, a physician may question our decision to decline jurisdiction. The coroner or deputy coroner is always willing to discuss a death with the physician, to address any concerns he or she may have, and, if jurisdiction is still declined, to provide consultation on completion of a death certificate.