Duties & Responsibilities

  • Annual collection of real estate taxes ($135 million) and manufactured home taxes ($275,000)
  • Daily and monthly reconciliation of all accounts with the county’s depository accounts
  • County’s Investment Officer

About the Current County Treasurer Harris

Michelle R. Harris was appointed Clark County Treasurer on April 6, 2020 to fill the unexpired term of Stephen T. Metzger who retired on April 3, 2020. She was officially appointed by the Clark County Democratic Party on June 3 to fill his remaining term. Prior to her appointment as Treasurer, Harris was a Clark County Deputy Treasurer with 18 years of experience, overseeing the investment portfolio, all mortgage real estate tax payments and developed the current credit card system used in the Treasurer’s office.  As Treasurer, Harris serves as the investment officer for the county with an average portfolio of $130 million. The County Treasurer serves on various boards as required by Ohio Law, including:

  • Data Processing Board
  • Investment Advisory Board
  • Board of Revision and Budget Commission

Harris currently is a member of the County Treasurer’s Association of Ohio.