How do I obtain a driveway permit?
In order to construct a driveway on your property to access a county-maintained road, you will need to file a driveway permit with the Clark County engineer’s office. Once a permit has been submitted, you will need to make sure that the driveway location is marked.

Staff from the county engineer’s office will inspect the site and return the permit with requirements and recommendations, including whether or not a driveway culvert will be required. If a culvert is required you have two installation options. You may perform the installation privately (by yourself or by a contractor) or you may contact the county engineer’s office at 937-521-1800 to install your pipe.

If you elect the county to perform the work, you will be responsible for purchasing the pipe that is required. You will be responsible for contacting the county engineer’s office to schedule the installation. The county will not charge you for their work, but please be aware that the work will be scheduled at the county engineer’s convenience.

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1. How do I obtain a driveway permit?
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