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Media Release
Media Release: Clark County Sheriff's Office
S. Smith Street

On November 10, 2017, in the late morning hours, a traffic stop was conducted by a deputy sheriff assigned to the City of New Carlisle service contract.  As a result of this traffic stop, two subjects were charged criminally with several drug possession offenses. Additionally, a large quantity of evidence was obtained from this traffic stop which enabled the contract deputy and assisting detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division to acquire a search warrant for 106 South Smith Street, in the City of New Carlisle. After obtaining the search warrant and assembling a team, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office executed the search warrant with a raid at the address. After securing the scene, a full search was conducted pursuant to the warrant throughout the entire address. Numerous quantities of drug paraphernalia, evidence of drug trafficking, a firearm and ammunition, and approximately 2.5 to 2.8 pounds of Methamphetamine were seized by deputies and detectives. There were no arrests made at the time of the execution of the search warrant, and this case remains under investigation.

Sheriff Burchett and her administration were informed of the outcome of the search warrant execution, and the large quantity of illegal controlled substance removed. She responded by saying, "This is a victory for the citizens of New Carlisle, and an example of why their Police Levy, and the services it provides are so important to protecting the city. Those drugs seized today will not filter out to poison the citizens of that community and the surrounding area."

Media Release: Clark County Sheriff's Office
Larry Jenkins

On November 14, 2017, at approximately 1806 hours, Clark County Sheriff’s Office detectives from the Vice & Organized Crime Unit were patrolling the southwest quadrant of Clark County, and observed a large fire immediately in the rear of 11444 Gerlaugh Road. Detectives from the unit detected odors present with the fire that were consistent with precursor chemicals and the manufacture of illegal drugs, primarily Methamphetamine.  Additional deputies were called and responded to the area, along with the Bethel Township Fire Department, who extinguished the fire using specialized means for such hazards.  While the fire was being fought, detectives obtained consent to search the residence associated with the fire, and located a sizable quantity of evidence indicating the manufacture and use of Methamphetamine. Additionally, a newborn infant was located inside the residence, who was exposed to elements of the manufacturing process. Following extinguishment of the fire, examination of the burn pile revealed further evidence of drug manufacturing, and detectives were led to an outlying box trailer in the back yard of   the property. Consent was obtained to search that vehicle also, and with assistance provided by other law enforcement officers certified in clandestine laboratory investigation, the presence of such a laboratory was confirmed in the trailer, although it was   not actively operating at the time of discovery. As a result of this discovery, the owner of the trailer, Larry D. Jenkins, who also started the illegal burn, was arrested and charged with one count of Felony Illegal Manufacture of Drugs and one count of Felony Child Endangering.  This incident currently remains under investigation by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

This incident is another example of the ongoing efforts by Sheriff Burchett and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to keep her campaign promise to protect the entire community from the scourge and impact of illegal drugs.